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Besides our passion for travel, adventure and sharing experiences – we also firmly believe in sharing experiences of caring and reaching out to others. It is only by sharing these experiences, parts of ourselves and passing on our knowledge that we create meaning in life and help to make the world a little brighter, one session at a time.

We support a number of projects and offer a variety of customizable options in community involvement and outreach projects to cater for small and large groups – from visiting schools in rural areas, to city out-reach programmes, to getting your hands dirty in planting veggie gardens! We are also open to new ideas and suggestions you may have in this arena – so connect with us and get involved to make a difference today!

One such project is Sonneblom crèche in the Western Cape...



Sonneblom Crèche: fifteen years in existence and at cross-roads

Sonneblom emerged in 1999, almost like a phoenix from old, partly dilapidated structures at erf 499, Touwsranten, Wildernis, Garden Route. There was a community hall, library, clinic and three old wooden store-rooms as well as a clinic with two separate store-rooms. The clinic was changed into a day care centre for children with working mothers, with a kitchen and classroom.

The need for a proper pre-school facility/ crèche became urgent. When a new clinic was built, the municipality made the evacuated building available for use with the children. At that stage, there was a collection of old, small buildings in urgent need of attention. With contributions of all sorts, those working and caring for these young children built, repaired, patched, washed, painted and improved as far as possible, with limited funds available.

Today there are 60 learners and many more on the waiting list from the new greater Touwsranten. So, many learners cannot be accommodated. The buildings have not been properly planned and are in very bad state: rusted roofs , rotten wooden walls, old water pipes, flooding, cockroaches, limited space, insufficient outdoor areas, electrical shorts, leaking toilets, to mention a few. In spite of many drawbacks, we struggled to establish a grade R class in the beginning of 2013; now the first Grade R class at the Touwsranten Primary School.

We, staff, management, learners take pride in our crèche, but really are in great need! Through all means at our disposal, we pray, strive , plan, work with all our might for a new crèche planned, built, furnished and presented, possibly at erf 1232, new extension, Touwsranten, or any other way to enable us to answer our calling to serve the children and families in our area.

We eagerly await any contact, involvement or charity from celebrities, regular heroes, do-gooders, handy-men, cooks and chefs, professionals or experts with ideas who want to enrich their cultural experience of the real people of SA and thereby giving back to the communities they visit! Do contact us for more details.

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